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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Coffee shop relaxation

Coffee shops are amazing. They're a place for you to indulge in a bit of people watching, to have some uninterrupted, unadulterated internet time and just generally hide from the world with nothing but a tasty drink and your trusty phone beside you. I just realised how clich├ęd it is to be blogging in a coffee shop but that's just how I roll.

I haven't thought about this blog at all really so I apologise if it's very rambly and full of nonsense. There is currently THE FITTEST MAN EVER ALIVE sitting at a table near me and I'm trying to glance at him without looking weird (if you know me then you'll know this is impossible).

A lot has been going on recently in my life so I felt a big update was called for. Today I enrolled at Newcastle College to do a 2 year full time course in art and design; I'm hoping it will help me decide what I want to do in the future as right now I want to be an interior designer but who knows, it could change in the next 2 years! I think the main thing about college is a fresh start and the chance to reinvent myself without too much questioning :P.

What else is new? Oh I've been applying for a lot of jobs as well, in the hope of getting some part time employment like every other student that exists on this planet! It's hard work and involves a lot of rejection but that is life and it's something I have to get used to. That's not to say I enjoy rejection - who does? - but I'd like to think these little rejections will prepare me for my life as a spinster when I become the mad cat lady at 25 because I have no job or boyfriend.

That's all for today I think! Read, comment and follow my blog pleeaassee, it would mean I'm not just some madman who talks to herself on the interweb.

See you soon and stay insane

Bloggerella x 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Welcome Bloggerinas!

So this is something completely new I've started and I don't really know the direction it will take but I'd love for some people to come along for the ride with me :) 

My name is Hannah and I live in Newcastle, England. I love my parents and my friends and anything to do with beauty and fashion. I'm leaving school to start a two year course in art and design at Newcastle College, which I'm excited yet extremely nervous about! I also love art and my dream is to become an interior designer and run my own firm. 

This will be all for my first blog and I hope it's given you an ideas of who I am and what I'm about! Please follow my blog, it would be amazing if I could get a few people to come with me as I move into a new stage of my life, laughing and crying with me (not at me :P) as it develops. 

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x