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Monday, 30 December 2013

Sales Shopping Haul - Fashion Picks

HONEY I'M HOOOMMEEEEE. Yes sorry for the big break but I've been so busy lately what with Christmas celebrations and visiting family (hope everyone had a lovely time as well!) but I'm back and have some lovey things to show you!

Ok so Topshop had a sale and my money somehow slipped into their till so I just HAD to see what they had to offer! 

So this first purchase is a gorgeous dove-grey jumper with knitted hearts stitched all over it. I think this is so soft and works really well with anything! It was reduced to £25 and I got my 10% student discount too. 

I paired it with a black denim and dark blue snakeskin mini-skirt, also from Topshop and reduced to £20, and my black suede, fur-lined biker boots (a Christmas present)

A close-up of the jumper (I'm really just showing off the quality of my new camera :P)

I also popped into Miss Selfridge and found this little diamond of a dress! It's a thick cotton grey dress with a lovely muted hot pink detailing all over it. It was reduced from £37 to £17 and if that isn't a bargain then I don't know what is!

I'd pair this with Converse, ankle boots or ballet pumps as I think it works being dressed up or down - it's all about the accessories!

It also has a tiny bit of leather trim on the stitching near the shoulder 

My next purchase is from Topshop and it wasn't in the sale but I'd seen it a few times and just had to get it! It's a simple black felt pork pie hat which is like a bowler hat but flatter on the top and has a folded rim. It was £25 but £22.50 with my discount. A simple piece but adds interest to any outfit!

I struggled to show this but basically yeah

These are the boots I had on with the jumper and skirt - they can be rolled down also to show the fur
And finally I went to Urban Outfitters and got this dark grey, flower embossed crop top that was reduced from £24 to £5!! I think it'll work on its own in Summer and under things in the colder months! 

Here I just paired it with a plain black bodycon skirt and some tights
 So that's all the fashion items i got in the sales; I'll be doing a blog post on the makeup picks I got when I've tried them out long enough that I can give a review on them!

What did you get in the sales?

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x

Thursday, 19 December 2013


'Tis the season to be jolly, FALALALALALALALALALALALALA

Hey guys, MERRY CHRISTMAS! So it's 6 days until Christmas and as you can probably tell I'm super excited! I'm also excited because it's my birthday on the 21st December so I hope all your cards are in the post ;). Today I'm going to be doing a tag called the #TAGbeautytalk tag, created by the lovely Jessica over on Jessica's Beauty Garden; you should all definitely follow her blog and all her social media sites! The tag involves answering a series of questions about makeup and beauty, so let's get started!

What products have stood out to you this year?

I'd say that the RealTechniques brushes have been a real stand-out product this year; they're my first proper makeup brushes and I'm so glad I got them! They're affordable and such high quality, I'd recommend you get them! 
Also the Rimmel Stay Matte powder - best budget powder. Ever. 
Another stand-out product is the YSL Babydoll mascara because it's just amazing and gives me such good length and volume - a great all round mascara! 

Which makeup items would you recommend for young girls or people who are just getting in to beauty?

Definitely a tinted moisturiser like Maybelline Dream Pure BB for oily skin! It gives amazing coverage for a tinted moisturiser and doesn't look cakey. Also I'd say a good mascara like Maybelline Falsies mascara and a lovely rosy blush like the Collection Blush in 02 Bashful. Rimmel also do some good eyeshadow quads which would help you get an idea of what colours work together and where they go. Rimmel are also good for their lip glosses that would give a subtle wash of colour - I love the Vinyl Gloss collection they have. 

Favourite high street and high end beauty brand?

My favourite high-street brand would either be Rimmel or Maybelline as I have the most products from them. My favourite high-end brand would either be MAC or YSL - sorry I couldn't choose but they're both amazing!!  

Most disappointing product you've tried?

It would have to be the Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint - I hate the texture, the application and the fact that it says it lasts but as soon as I took a drink of my tea it came off and made my tea pink - NOT happy! Luckily I didn't buy it, my mum did, so I didn't waste any money. 

A beauty item you use everyday?

An absolute STAPLE for me is MAC Omega; it's a matte eyeshadow that I use to fill in my brows. Not many people have seen me 'eyebrowless' but I assure, you don't want to! I never used to realise how much eyebrows framed your face but now I fill mine in, I could never not!

What are you essentials for winter?

A moisturiser!! I can't stress enough how much you need to moisture your skin, especially during the winter with all the wind and cold! You should start moisturising as soon as you hit puberty as all the changes in your hormones can irritate and dry out your skin and we don't want that! I use Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream and I love it so much! 

Your favourite product for a dramatic, party look?

I would say my Sleek i-Divine palette - it has such a good range of well-pigmented colours and they give a beautifully smokey look!

What's on your Christmas wish list? (beauty wise....)

NAKED 1 PALETTE - I reeeaallllyyy hope I get this as I've been wanting it for so long! Also the Stroke of Midnight Brush Kit: Essentials as I've wanted MAC brushes for a while but they're so expensive so a little kit with them in would be so good!

So that's it from me! I tag anyone else to do this - send me a link to it through any of my social media sites (in the 'Where to find me' tab) and also hashtag #TAGbeautytalk so Jessica can see them too! 

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Just a quick ootd

Hi there people of the world, how is everybody? Today I went shopping in town and got very annoyed at the dawdling shoppers and screaming children, but I found serenity in Topshop (as always) and in Primark surprisingly. 

I got one of the £5 dresses from Primark and I really love it! It's got 3/4 length sleeves and leaf detailing all over. It's a cotton material and goes to just above the knee. I also got these velvet platform brogues from Topshop; they were £28 (£25.20 with my student discount) and have a t-bar detailing on the top and buckle not the side. I love love love them and wanted a change from Converse or Vans - I still love those but I wear them too much! 

Just a quick post today, would love your feedback! Comment below your winter style essentials!

See you soon and stay insane

Bloggerella x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Makeup brush Maintenance

Hey there everyone! I began work this week so sorry for no post on Friday. Today is going to be a quick little post on how I clean my makeup brushes; I don't have actual brush cleanser but they were looking SO dirty that I had to give them a wash. 

Look at me making a handy step-by-step collage
1. So in the pot I have some warm water with 6 pumps of hand wash. I haven't mixed the two yet.
2. I then added some La Roche-Posay Rosaliac make-up removal gel (I love this stuff).
3. Place you makeup brush into the solution and swirl away like a washing machine! This will mix the three components too :). The water will get all dirty and yucky as your makeup is removed from the brush fibers. 
4. Then get some kitchen paper (it doesn't shed tissue fibers like toilet paper) and gently remove the water by swirling again. Squeeze the brush through your fingers if there is still a lot of water at the root of the fibers. 
5. For fluffy brushes, hang them over the edge of a surface so they retain their shape; also do this with brushes that need reshaping. 
6. And voila! Beautifully cleaned makeup brushes, ready to be dirtied up again!

I hope this was useful and helps if you are a beauty obsessive on a budget!

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x