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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Makeup brush Maintenance

Hey there everyone! I began work this week so sorry for no post on Friday. Today is going to be a quick little post on how I clean my makeup brushes; I don't have actual brush cleanser but they were looking SO dirty that I had to give them a wash. 

Look at me making a handy step-by-step collage
1. So in the pot I have some warm water with 6 pumps of hand wash. I haven't mixed the two yet.
2. I then added some La Roche-Posay Rosaliac make-up removal gel (I love this stuff).
3. Place you makeup brush into the solution and swirl away like a washing machine! This will mix the three components too :). The water will get all dirty and yucky as your makeup is removed from the brush fibers. 
4. Then get some kitchen paper (it doesn't shed tissue fibers like toilet paper) and gently remove the water by swirling again. Squeeze the brush through your fingers if there is still a lot of water at the root of the fibers. 
5. For fluffy brushes, hang them over the edge of a surface so they retain their shape; also do this with brushes that need reshaping. 
6. And voila! Beautifully cleaned makeup brushes, ready to be dirtied up again!

I hope this was useful and helps if you are a beauty obsessive on a budget!

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x

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