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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

'Beauty things I suck at' Tag

'A blog on a Wednesday Hannah?' I hear you ask but I had to squeeze this in before it gets lost in the ether of time and space. I got tagged by Laura from 'Laura's Rants and Reviews' ( to do a blog on some of the beauty things I'm a bit rubbish at, so here goes!

1) Saving up to buy expensive make-up
      I can't save money, it's an actual problem. I just recently bought my first MAC eyeshadow with my very own money (review coming soon) and it made me realise that if I didn't spend money on so much crap that I don't need then I could afford to get the more luxury brands that I'd only dreamed of before!

2) Applying gel eyeliner
      I've been trying to get better at applying gel eyeliner but it's still looking a bit dodgey! It is my mission to be able to do it by Christmas so HOLD ME TO THAT!

3) Moisturising
      If you tell me that you moisture your body every single day I will find it very difficult to believe you! I started to do it more regularly when I had to Vaseline 'Spray and Go' but when it ran out I just never repurchased it so I'm back to my bad habits *tuts like an old lady*. 

4) Painting my nails
      I love having my nails painted but I can never be bothered to maintain it so when it gets chipped I don't bother to redo it. I've been trying the Bourjois '1 second' gel nail polishes and they're ok but don't last as long as you'd expect them to.  

I tag

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x

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