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Friday, 21 February 2014

My beauty storage solutions

I feel like I start every blog with "I'm sorry for the weird schedule" but I am just so busy right now that I need to start being more organised if I want to fit my blog in also. Now that's out the way I'm going to talk about how I store my makeup and beauty products; I recently had my room red-done and wanted to sort out the MESS that was in it!

Let's start with my makeup - I actually use a cake stand because it holds a lot and it displays it so well! My bigger things like palettes and powders go on the bottom, blushes and concealers going on the top. 

I use these glass pots to hold my hair clips, makeup and brushes. The one on the top left is a recycled instant coffee pot, the top right one was bought in the Laura Ashley sale and the little one is a mini cheesecake pot (of course haha) 


 These pictures show how I store the rest of my beauty things; I got these white material baskets in Ikea (I can't remember the name of them) and they're great for creating order in such a big drawer. I try to separate them into hair products, moisturisers, makeup removers etc but it doesn't always work like that so as long as it's tidy I don't mind!

Hope this was helpful in some way or it gave you ideas! Send my pictures of your storage solutions :)

See you soon and stay insane! 

Bloggerella x

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