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Friday, 10 January 2014

Eyebrow Tutorial

So I've had a lot of compliments from friends saying that my eyebrows are looking pretty good recently so I thought it must be a sign that I know what I'm doing :P. I'm by no means saying that I'm an expert but if I could give you some tips to stop the slug effect happening then that would be good enough for me :) 


Shape it up - either get a practised friend or go to a salon to get your brows shaped if you've never done it before! A friend of mine did mine a while back and all I do now is keep up the shape :)

Get yourself an angled brush - they don't overload your brows and give the most natural finish 

Powder power - There are lots of gels and pencils you can use but I much prefer to use a powder as it gives a natural finish 

Your best friends are your fingers - they can gently erase any overspill onto your skin and shape without removing too much 

Choose a shade that is right for you - I can't tell you enough how important getting the right colour is; too dark and you have slugs, too light and you'll look like a bit of an alien! The ladies at MAC are happy to help you choose your correct shade :) 

RealTechniques angled brush (from the starter kit)
MAC Omega matte eyeshadow
Eyebrow groomer

1. Comb out those brows! Then you can see the natural shape of your brows and all the hairs are going the same way

2. Start filling out your brows from the centre, moving in the direction of the hairs

3. Use your fingers to clean the excess from around your brows

4. Use your fingers to round the edges of the front of your brow - they shouldn't be square! 

5. Set with a brow gel like Maybelline 'Brow Drama' or Kiko 'Brow Gel' or even a clear mascara! 

And voilĂ , you now have beautiful brows! 

Send me pictures via my social media sites (where to find me) of your lovely brows if you tried some of my tips :) 

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x

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