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Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Little Pep Talk

Let's discuss you. Or maybe you don't want to, that is also fine my friends. But I'd like to make a few points that I've learnt over the past year.

1. 'People Care About People Who Care About Themselves' 

I do love a good Miss Congeniality 2 quote (don't we all) and although this is probably the vainest way of putting it, she has a point. If you don't look after yourself and love yourself, it is much much harder for anyone else to. Confidence isn't something you can buy; it's something you have to build within yourself with your own blood, sweat and tears - sorry to break it to you but it often gets worse before it gets better so be prepared for a few down-in-the-dumps feelings until you emerge a social butterfly. 

2. 'We don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time, ohhnoo' 

God I'm on fire with quotes today. It also shows my backlog of 80s dance knowledge. But as unrelated as Jermaine Stewart's lyrics might sound, I promise they aren't. I take these lyrics to mean that you shouldn't have to change yourself to make people like you. For example, you shouldn't have to smoke, take drugs or drink purely to fit in. If you want to do it, crack on although I wouldn't recommend it as your internet mother. But the point still stands that you need to be comfortable in yourself and what you're doing otherwise you'll be a smidge miserable. 

3. Listen to Destiny's Child, it makes you feel sassy

This one's not really serious but I'm currently listening to Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath and I honestly feel I could take on the world. I'm not saying you have to listen to Destiny's Child when you need a pick me up, but find some music that makes you want to dance like mad and feel instantly better. Music is food for the soul so feed your soul with so many different types; do NOT just stick to just one genre! 

I hope this was helpful in some way :)

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x

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