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Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Favourites

I'm going to start picking a selection of stuff I've loved every month and sharing them with you all. 

Jeans - Gap 1969 'Sexy Boyfriend'
These jeans are part of 5 new styles they brought in this Summer in a selection of stores. I got mine from York for £49.95 (I think; they don't have these ones on the website)and I've worn them so much with the Ralph Lauren belt pictured. Really comfy and go with everything. Bravo.

Book - 'How To Build A Girl' by Caitlin Moran
Blummin hilarious. Moran has a very dry sense of humour which I also have and find really funny. I'm three quarters of the way through and I'm loving it a lot.

Perfume - 'Ricci Ricci' by Nina Ricci (eau de parfum)
I'm not an avid perfume wearer but I like this one enough to talk about it. The website describes it as; a fresh, floral, sensual perfume created for the modern, urban heroine. Sounds like the perfect one for me as a modern, urban heroine *hair swish*.

Foundation - Max Factor Whipped Creme in 40
Ermageursch this foundation is everything I need; light texture, buildable coverage and makes my skin look fabbity fab. I couldn't ask for more for £9.99. 

Floppy hat - Forever 21
As hats are all the rage and I like them anyway, I bought this felt floppy hat for £7 and it's been great for all my bad hair days (which is errday).

Jewellery - no idea as it's my Mum's or from all over the world
As the weather has cooled slightly I've been getting back into jewellery; I get too hot and expandy for it in the heat. I wear quite simple outfits so it's nice to jazz them up a bit. 

What have you been luvin' this month?

See you soon and stay insane!

Bloggerella x

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